Stairway To Heaven 2014 Results

Well done to all! Apologies to those runners who were made slower by badly sabbotaged course marking. You all came back smiling, so that's great. Next year we will take further steps to verify the route marking is still in place.

 Trail Run results

Position Name Cat Time Club
1 Richard Butterwick M40 00:59:35 Todmorden Harriers
2 Matthew Kelly M35 01:00:18 Huddersfield RR
3 Nigel Crossfield M45 01:01:51 Halifax Harriers
4 John Ridsdale M 01:02:36  
5 John Ludvigsen M50 01:03:13 Wakefield Harriers
6 Blair Garrett M30 01:04:38 Calder Valley FR
7 Alan McCormick M 01:04:47 Wilmslow RC
8 Mark Sands M40 01:05:40  
9 Craig Tipton M 01:07:10 Ackworth RR
10 Diane McVey F35 01:07:17 Wilmslow RC
11 James Knapper M 01:07:47  
12 David Tilley M45 01:08:02  
13 Natalie Bennett F 01:12:56  
14 Sue Jones F35 01:13:28  
15 Helen Ahmed F35 01:15:10  
16 Pam Wood F50 01:15:21 Stadium Runners
17 Helen Rutherford F45 01:15:40  
18 Darren Earnshaw M35 01:16:19 Stadium Runners
19 Clare Ash F45 01:20:56 Holmfirth Harriers
20 Richard Whale M60 01:22:37 Holmfirth Harriers
21 Izzy Ash F 01:29:46 Holmfirth Harriers
22 Catherine Rodgers F35 01:30:22  
23 Daisy Ash F 01:35:47 Holmfirth Harriers


Challenge Walk / Run results

Position First Second Time
1 Lynne Hibberd 01:23:43
2 Becky Burdon 02:11:34
3 Joanne Booth 02:12:58
4 Clair Batley 02:27:52

The Organisers

The Summer Wine Trails are organised by a team of community volunteers from Holme School, Holmbridge Church, and the local running community. Our events are entirely not for profit, and all money goes back to local community organisations.

Race licences and insurance approved / provided by the Association of Running Clubs.

We are part of a wider partnership of races called the South Huddersfield Trail and Road Series. Why not enter the whole series?

Supporters and Sponsors

Our thanks go to the following groups who are kindly offering their support:

Team OA

Freedom To Run

The Fleece Inn

The Bridge Tavern

The Wrinkled Stocking Tearoom

Association of Running Clubs


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