The Charities

Holme School

Holme School is one of the smallest Schools in Kirklees. We only have about 30 pupils, but we make a big difference! Please help support our fundraising efforts.

Holmbridge Church and Holmbridge Parish Hall

Holmbridge Church is an outward looking and forward thinking Church that seeks to serve the local community. We are seeking fundraising to maintain our Parish Hall so that is can be used for the benefit of the community in future years.

The Organisers

The Summer Wine Trails are organised by a team of community volunteers from Holme School, Holmbridge Church, and the local running community. Our events are entirely not for profit, and all money goes back to local community organisations.

Race licences and insurance approved / provided by the Association of Running Clubs.

We are part of a wider partnership of races called the South Huddersfield Trail and Road Series. Why not enter the whole series?

Supporters and Sponsors

Our thanks go to the following groups who are kindly offering their support:

Team OA

Freedom To Run

The Fleece Inn

The Bridge Tavern

The Wrinkled Stocking Tearoom

Association of Running Clubs


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